• Monthly Coaching

Monthly Coaching


This is a completely customized meal plan and workout program specific to you and your needs. This plan is fully focused on YOU! This plan goes month to month and I will be your coach and guidance each month to hold you accountable! Once purchasing, a form will be sent to you so I can get to know you and your needs. From there, I will be in contact with you immediately via email. With this plan, I will check in with you weekly to make sure you are on track. No screw ups! I will also give you new recipes and/or workouts if needed depending on your progress and to allow you more variety so you never get bored. Check ins will be via phone, text, skype or facetime video. I will give you customized macros for each day, and meals based on that. This could be anywhere from 3-6 meals per day. Don't worry, I will figure that part out! I will give you a choice of options to follow each day so you are excited for your meals :) I have tons of recipes. We will work around any injuries or dietary needs. I will cater to any vegan or vegetarian diets. If you do not have access to a gym, please tell me and I will work with you to create a plan for what you have available, whether on vacations or at home! Each month after the first month will drop down to a $100 renewal fee.

  • $130.00