Premium Coaching (Nutrition)

  • $950.00


  • Customized meal plan 
  • Custom consultation via Zoom 
  • Daily Q&A with each other to touch base on any questions, what went well, what did not, etc. - You may choose to opt into once or twice per week instead. 
  • Weekly Check Ins and Adjustments via phone call, FaceTime, text, or email 
  • Cardio plan and adjustments 
  • Macro Coaching included 
  • 2 free zoom training sessions included ($150 value) 
  • Delicious Recipes and food that YOU like 
  • Prizes for hitting a certain goal
  • Adjustments when needed (recipes, portions, and meal plan will be adjusted accordingly )
  • Supplement Advice
  • Help with turning your diet into a lifestyle, we discuss previous issues, traveling and eating out, and more to help YOU maintain this for the long haul 
  • Once purchasing, a form will be sent to your email so I can get to know you and your needs. From there, I will be in contact with you immediately via email. Check ins will be via phone, text, skype or facetime video. 
  • This plan is for every 10 weeks. This is because training and nutrition must work as a cycle. It takes much longer than just 2/3 weeks for our bodies to see change, and we must adjust and understand what your body needs to get to where you want to be. I want to make sure you leave me satisfied, and able to sustain how you look, feel, and perform.