Premium Coaching (Nutrition)

  • $955.00
Add-On Options

 Hi everyone!

I want to be clear that this is a coaching process rather than just giving you calorie numbers and a meal plan. Coaching is not specifically directed towards weight-loss. Nutrition coaching can be gaining muscle, losing weight, maintaining and becoming healthier, or simply learning more about what to put in your body and how to maintain this for a lifetime. This is specific to what your goals are. 

A meal plan and macros are included, however you may choose to opt out of tracking macros and following a meal plan (These are options for you in order to follow a plan), if you would simply like to be coached on healthier food choices, ordering out, grocery shopping, what and how much to eat, you can choose to just have that side of coaching. This is all included in the coaching process.

  • Customized meal plan - 3 options included plus new recipes every few weeks to fit your calorie and macronutrient needs. 
  • New recipes and meals more often than the basic plan.
  • Custom consultation via Zoom before beginning 
  • Weekly Check Ins and Adjustments via phone call, Zoom, or FaceTime.
  • 25-30 minute check in calls 
  • Macro numbers included and how to track on your own. Coaching through this is included + answering any questions you need. You do not have to opt into this.
  • Delicious Recipes and food that YOU like. My main goal is for you to enjoy every meal.
  • Cardio help
  • Adjustments when needed (recipes, portions, and meal plan will be adjusted accordingly)
  • Supplement Advice
  • Recipe E-book included
  • Help with turning your nutrition into a lifestyle, we discuss previous issues that you may have had in the past and how to overcome them, traveling and eating out, and more to help YOU maintain this for the long haul.
  • Once purchasing, a form will be sent to your email so I can get to know you and your needs. From there, I will be in contact with you immediately via email. Check ins will be via phone, text, email, or facetime.  
  • This plan is for every 8 weeks. This is because training and nutrition must work as a cycle. It takes much longer than just 2/3 weeks for our bodies to see change, and we must adjust and understand what your body needs to get to where you want to be. I want to make sure you leave me satisfied, and able to sustain how you look, feel, and perform. 
  • This is not a "8 week guide", the 8 week at a time is how long I will be helping you. If you choose to renew, you may. I'd love to keep working together! 
  • If you opt into the weekly "cook with me" add on, this is a 1:1 cooking session via zoom or face time to teach you how to prepare and cook certain recipes and extra help with making healthy food taste delicious!


To renew if you are a current client, you do receive $50 off your next plan. Please email for your custom code.