• Balancing Running and Weightlifting

    Balancing Running and Strength Training and performing to the highest level at both!
  • Podcast with Kara Goldin on the Annie Tunes In Podcast

    Annie Cooper: Hey, everyone. Welcome to The Annie Tunes In Podcast. This podcast is all about going after what you truly want in life. We have some pretty amazing guests on, such as top athletes, business owners, entrepreneurs, health experts, and more. Stay tuned. Kara Goldin: [inaudible 00:00:1...
  • Why Protein is Important for Fatloss

    You hear over and over that you need protein in your diet. You may think that bodybuilders eat nothing but protein to help them grow. But, what if I told you that protein is not only important for muscle, but it's important for fat loss. Protein alone will not grow your muscles just like carbs an...