About Annie

Hey guys! I'm Annie. Health and Fitness has been a huge part of my life since I can remember.

I was heavily into tons of sports growing up, my main sports being competitive cheer-leading and track & field. In highschool, I joined the cross country and track team and began to focus more and more on it. As a junior in highschool, I set the goal of running in college and began diving into articles and websites to help me eat to become faster, and strength training that would allow me to become more powerful. Then, I joined a gym and dove headfirst into various diet programs and strength training routines each week.

My body began to transform and I started running at much faster times. I couldn’t believe how quickly I noticed results both aesthetically and in my performance. I worked so hard to become a better athlete in my junior and senior year and accepted the offer to run for Florida Atlantic University on both the track and cross country teams focusing on the 800m, mile, and 5k events.

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Below are my transformation pictures where I learned to eat for fuel, rather than starving. I learned that a diet does not mean giving up your lifestyle. I learned that workouts do not need to take more than 30 minutes. I learned how to feed my body with clean ingredients. I want to show you how to do the same.

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Being so involved in sports truly shaped who I am today,

and showed me that if you focus on one single thing and put everything into that thing, you can achieve it. But, no one will do the work for you. I truly believe that what you put in is what you will get out - of anything for that matter. I also learned how remarkable the human body is.

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During this time I discovered my passion for the gym,

Weightlifting, and building muscle. It pushed me in ways that running could not, which made it such a great addition to my training. I tried every single diet program you could think of, and every single style of training that you could think of. Some were extremely unhealthy (although I am glad I went through them to now help others) and some helped me feel my best. While in college, I began competing in bikini bodybuilding competitions which really challenged my mental toughness. I was simultaneously running track and field and training for probably 6 hours a day with an extremely strict diet plan to step on stage and be judged for my physique.

At the time, it seemed like such a cool challenge to showcase all the hard work I had put in. However, the strict protocol stripped away any “balance” in my routine and led me to give up parties, group hangouts, trips, nights out, and more - all while in college (imagine). It took years for me to find a solid balance in my training and nutrition since I was so used to pushing myself to the next level and never taking a break. It showed me a level of discipline I never knew existed and also taught me how strong I am and how strong you can be too. We are all so capable. While in college, I decided to get my personal training certifications and begin to teach others all of the knowledge that I had learned along the way. After graduating I launched ‘Tuneintofitness’, a 1:1 personalized training and nutrition program that is made for busy individuals who want to get in their best shape, feel like athletes, and find tons of balance. I wanted this program to fit into your life, rather than taking it over.