Upper Body/Abs

  • Six Pack Abs Workout

    Abs are hard to obtain, and it seems like everyone is striving for the sexy sleek core. I mean, it’s the one area that people would like to improve. Unfortunately, it’s the most challenging. Yes, diet plays a huge roll, but you have to work and train the 6 pack abs. We all have them, but if they ... View Post
  • 2 Killer Upper Body Moves with a plate

    Want nice round shoulders? Toned biceps? These are moves to really level up your upper body workout, using just a plate! Make sure when you perform any upper body move, you are also keeping the rest of your body tight. Don’t lose form and get lazy... you just won’t feel it the same!  Moves: Plate... View Post
  • Push-up Variations

    The single one move that has nearly 100 different variations! Push-ups will get you in crazy good shape, and make you feel like a total bad-ass! You’ll work your entire body, and these are some challenging variations to help you get in tip top shape, one push-up after the next! Before you do thes... View Post