5K Ebook

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This 5k Running E-book includes:


šŸ‘Š A 12 week guide to your best 5k time:

  • 12 weeks of running workouts and trainingĀ 
  • All about tempo, hydration, cadence, form, nutrition, speed, and more!
  • Videos at the beginning of each 4 weeks explaining the training from Coach Curtis CooperĀ 
  • A 12 week weight training plan with video tutorialsĀ 
  • Warm up Drills, Bounding Drills, Cool down
  • Sample Meal Plan, suggested macros, pre/post workout nutritionĀ 
  • Race day plan and post race dayĀ 
  • Training Paces and guideĀ 



šŸ‘Š E book's can be easily downloaded to your phone or any device. Perfect for bringing to the gym or the track and where ever your workout takes you! You can also choose to print it and bring with you.Ā