How it Works: 

  • In Person Training

Depending on the session length you choose, whether it is 1 hour or a 30 minute session, I will take you through a weight training routine.

We will begin with a short warm-up, or I may show you how to warm up on your own before hand so we do not waste any time! From there I will take you through a training session focused on your goals. Depending on how many days per week you choose to train, that is how we will split up the body parts that we will focus on. For example, Day 1: Back/Bi's/Tri's , Day 2: Shoulders/Chest/Core, and Day 3: Legs/Glutes, or we may do a full body workout. This is based on what you would like to achieve. 

You will also be able to purchase a nutrition plan for half price to go along with your training. Nutrition is key to obtain the best results! Click below to fill out the form, or contact me directly via phone or email.

  • Online Training 

After purchase, you will receive a short form to fill out and I will be in contact with you shortly after via email to ask you a couple additional questions. From there, I will create and send you your workout and meal plan to follow.

Workout plans include cardio and weight training as well as video links to each exercise, and the proper amount of reps, sets, and rest time for each exercise. 

Your nutrition plan will include custom amounts for your body and goals, as well as my unique recipes, and also foods that you mention you enjoy. If you love the meals, it won't be hard to stick to! 

You have my 24/7 support to check in with me and ask me any questions. We will do scheduled weekly check- ins as well to make sure you are on track!


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