How to Make Cardio More Fun & Go by Faster

I'm all about getting cardio done quickly. As much as I want to do it some days..other days I can't even stand the thought of it. On the days that we lack motivation, we should still be determined to get things done to reach our goals! Cardio is a great way to de-stress, and get your endorphins running! You'll feel so good once its over.

But, how do we make it go by faster? After all, we cannot speed up the clock. So, we have to find ways to get our mind off of boring cardio, and make it more enjoyable!

Here are my top tips:

Get Your HIIT Going 

My favorite way to make cardio more enjoyable is by adding intervals into the mix. Treadmill HIIT is fast and effective. Add a little incline and bump up the speed for short bursts. Try 30 seconds on with 20-30 second recovery. Keep it intense! Make sure you maintain proper form and keep your breathing controlled. This will help you to power through the whole session.

Take It Outside

If your location allows for it, take it outside! That way, you can get creative and have scenery to enjoy rather than an elliptical screen. I'm telling you, this really makes the time pass. Bring a jump rope, battle ropes, or your running shoes for some outdoor sprints and cardio circuits. Another awesome way to get cardio moving quickly is to find a hill and perform hill sprints by running up and jogging or walking down. Repeat this for 5-10 rounds! 

Switch Machines & Switch Again!

This is one of my best secrets, and I don't care how crazy you might look while doing it! Start on the treadmill with an incline walk for about 5 minutes, then go ahead and run or do intervals for another 5. Now, hop off and get on the stair master or elliptical for 7.5 minutes. Now, hop off and get on the bike for 7.5 minutes. Now, go back on the treadmill and run or walk for another 5 minutes. There you have it, 30 minutes complete! And, you stimulated different muscles by using a variety of machines and you hopefully aren't nearly as bored! Give it a shot.

Watch YouTube or Netflix 

The #1 thing that helps me the most, aside from music, is watching a show or vlog while doing cardio. I typically will choose comedy or something intriguing that will put my focus on that show or video and off of the pain in my legs while doing cardio. Now, if you're running, its difficult to watch a show, so in that case I would opt for an interesting  podcast like the Annie Tunes In podcast. 

Invest In a Cardio Machine that has a Trainer on Screen

There's no better way to push through a cardio session than to have a trainer push you through it. Invest in a cardio machine like the Nordic Track or Peloton where you are able to choose various cardio workouts with an extra push. If not, grab a buddy! I do find it tough to coordinate with another person daily, which is why I would choose one of these machines to do on your own time!

There you have it! Cardio doesn't have to be boring, and there are loads of classes you can take to make it happen, but if you're relying on your own motivation the majority of the time, then give one of these options a shot! :)

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