Six Pack Abs Workout

Abs are hard to obtain, and it seems like everyone is striving for the sexy sleek core. I mean, it’s the one area that people would like to improve. Unfortunately, it’s the most challenging. Yes, diet plays a huge roll, but you have to work and train the 6 pack abs. We all have them, but if they are not being worked, you have less of a chance at seeing any real ab definition. These moves can be done with JUST A STEPPER and a yoga mat. I know right. Simple. 

Decline mountain climbers:  

When you do these, get into a push-up position with your hands on the ground and toes on a stepper or higher platform. Perform mountain climbers keeping your body tight and driving each knee in, almost like you are running in place. 

Decline oblique crunch (single leg): 

Get rid of those love handles! First, get into the decline mountain climber position, but go into your elbows in stead of hands. You can think of these as a slower mountain climber. You are isolating each side, driving your knee out to the side towards your elbow , crunching, and back to the starting position. Go for 15 reps on each side and repeat. 

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