2 Killer Upper Body Moves with a plate

Want nice round shoulders? Toned biceps? These are moves to really level up your upper body workout, using just a plate! Make sure when you perform any upper body move, you are also keeping the rest of your body tight. Don’t lose form and get lazy... you just won’t feel it the same! 


Plate upright rows.


You have to have some sort of upright row in your shoulder routine, and using a plate is a great variation! Grab the plate with your hands together next to eachother. Bring the plate up towards your chin, pointing your elbows slightly upward. Lower the weight down slowly and repeat for the next rep. Perform 10-20 reps of these. 3-4 sets total.


Plate curls:


Biceps baby! This is very similar to the plate upright row. The difference is that you are gripping the plate with your hands wider, thumbs facing towards you and curling the plate up and lowering slowly, keeping constant tension on your bicep. Do not rest the plate on your shoulders when you get to the top, keep the movement going. Keep your core tight so your back does not arch! Perform 25 reps for 3 sets total.

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