Push-up Variations

The single one move that has nearly 100 different variations! Push-ups will get you in crazy good shape, and make you feel like a total bad-ass! You’ll work your entire body, and these are some challenging variations to help you get in tip top shape, one push-up after the next!

Before you do these push-ups, make sure you have a standard push-up down. Some tips that always help me are to spread your fingers and push into the ground. Keep your chest in line with your shoulders, keep your head in line with your back so your neck doesn’t get too involved, and make sure your  back and butt are in line...no cheating! 

The workout: 

Decline push-ups: 

This is the same as a standard push-up, except your feet are up on a platform or bench, while your hands are on the ground. Keep the same form as mentioned above, and go slowly ensuring that you do not lose form at any point during this move. This is a bit harder than a regular push-up, so start by performing 8-12 reps.

Handstand push-up:

This one is tough! You’ll feel this a ton in your shoulders. If you want to get crazy you can go against a wall in a full handstand, but I prefer placing my feet on a bench so I can really focus on the muscle I am working rather than balance and the blood rushing to my head haha. Simply get into a decline push-up position, and walk your hands back about 2-3 inches from the bench that your feet are on. Your butt should be in the air. Aim for about 6-10 reps. This is great to super-set with the decline push-ups! 

Ball push-up to roll: 

Let’s work that core a little bit more! Grab a small medicine ball, one that is not too large to roll back and forth. One hand will be on the ball and the other hand on the ground, in a push-up. Yes, you will feel a bit lopsided, but don’t worry! That is part of the move. You will perform a push-up and roll the ball to the other hand and do another push-up, continuously alternating sides. The key is to not rock your hips. If you do, you’re defeating the purpose of the entire exercise. You have to stay tight. Go for 45 seconds of this and rest.


That’s it! Do these back to back as many times as you’d like! I love using this as a finisher after a tough shoulder training session for 2 rounds. 

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