Total Body Bench + Dumbbell

Let’s get your whole body cranking. We’re firing on all cylinders here. Try these moves with just one dumbbell and a bench needed!

Single arm shoulder press: 

Sit on the bench upright with a single  dumbbell. Keeping your hips neutral, without leaning to one side, simply press the dumbbell up overhead straightening the arm, but not locking the elbow out. Lower the dumbbell slowly to a 90 degree angle and press back up again. Isolate one side for 10-12 reps and move on to the next side!

 Dumbbell Russian twists: 

Obliques! This is a common exercise, but many people perform these on the ground and tend to make it a bit easier on themselves by moving their hands, but not rotating their torso. By positioning yourself on a bench, you are already having to keep your balance which will engage your core from the start. Because you are higher up, you are able to twist and dip the dumbbell further to each side to get a better rotation. Killer abs here we come! I like to go for time on this and do anywhere from 50-60 seconds at a time! Let’s go!

 Triceps extension to chest press

I think I made this one up having a little too much fun with my workout! Lol but needless to say it turned out to be an awesome move to work the triceps and chest. Simply lay back flat on a bench, and grab a dumbbell at each side. Press the dumbbell up performing a chest press, keeping your elbows in, from there (arms still extended) shift your hands back directly overhead and bend the dumbbell down towards the top of your head and extend back up. You will need a heavy enough dumbbell to feel this! Go for 30 reps total (15 of each move). 

 Single leg dumbbell hip thrust 

Glutes!!! Everyone needs them, and the hip thrust is the most popular exercise to do so...over a squat! Here, I am isolating each side and using a @fitccessory resistance band for an extra burn! Start in a bridge placing just your shoulder blades on a bench, feet on the ground underneath your knees. From here you are going to place the dumbbell on the side that you want to work, vertically. Get it comfortable! Hold it with one hand. The other hand is by your side. Keep your neck forward and lift the opposite leg up. Press through your heel and thrust upward squeezing your butt at the top! If you choose to use a band, place it above BOTH knees. 

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