HIIT Cardio

Time: 20 minutes

Level: Advanced 

Hey loves! One of my favorite ways to workout is by doing HIIT training! HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This type of training usually isn’t lengthy, and allows you to burn more calories for the short time! The best part about this workout...you don’t need any equipment! Try this 20 minute HIIT workout. Get up and go! 

Here’s how it works: You have 4 moves total which you will perform for 1 minute each. Do as many rounds as you can until you reach 20 minutes! Minimal rest.


High knees / speed skater 

Begin standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Drive your knees up towards your chest, sprinting in place, and driving your arms forward in sync with your legs. Make sure that you keep your chest up on this one. Remember, opposite arm, opposite foot up. After a couple seconds you will go into a speed skater on each side, simply bounding to each side crossing the back foot behind. Don’t lose form and movement of your arms! Repeat for 1 minute. 


Tuck jump to burpee 

Start in an athletic position, jumping up into a tuck position, getting your knees up to your chest. The second you land the tuck jump, you will then jump your feet back to land in a push-up position, then dropping your chest all the way to the ground, and bouncing up into a burpee performing a jump at the top. Repeat for 1 minute as fast as you can.

Jumping lunges 

Sculpt those legs! This one should be a staple in your HIIT routine. Starting in a lunge position, simply jump straight up switching feet and landing on the other side. I recommend staying low to the ground on this one so you can move quickly and get through several reps, burning out those legs! If this is too difficult, try holding on to something (or someone’s hands!) in front of you. 

3 point leg raises

let’s work the core! Start by placing an object in front of you. Many people will use a water bottle! Use this as a placement to maneuver your feet side to side and above. Each time that you point your legs out, you are leaning back slightly to fire up the lower abs. Move quick with these! 

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